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Aqua Wins CityWealth Gold Award

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Published in the February issue of "Young Leaders" magazine

Aqua Group has certainly made a splash over the last 3 years. It was created in Jersey to provide family-led businesses with a unique and very personal service based on a particular family's requirements.

Aqua Group has had significant success in building and growing its client base. Aqua has recently achieved the Gold Award at the 2015 Citywealth Awards for Powerwomen in the category of "Company of the Year–Female Leadership".

In addition, Aqua has become the first off-shore Trust Company to achieve License Status in the State of Qatar. This is a huge testament to the people who work within Aqua, the client base and the service delivery that is a unique part of our culture.

Aqua continues to expand; seeking to develop its individual approach into new Jurisdictions where there is clear value that can be provided to the families we serve. Aqua's motto of driving in value in a way that is clear, transparent and distinct has built success.