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Aqua On The Panel At The 3rd GCC Family Wealth Forum In Dubai

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Speaking about recent regional developments Family Business Council Gulf (FBCG) chairman Abdulaziz Abdullah al-Ghurair declared, "Governance within family businesses is increasingly becoming a necessity as organisations evolve and grow. Setting family business governance structures, in the form of rules, policies, and procedures is the key solution to managing the growing complex dynamics of GCC family businesses."

On that note, the two-day event focussed on key topics which addressed common concerns for Family Offices in the region. Joanne Luce was invited to contribute on the expert panel on the topic of Family Office investments and how to identify opportunities, Structuring of Assets and Family Governance constitutions. Other of the panel speakers addressed the topics of  Diversifying business outside the region, Preparing the next Generation for their responsibilities in the Family Business and Securing Families future and legacy.

Additionally, Joanne also participated as a key speaker on the expert panel for the Breakfast Briefing Session "Bringing the Future of Wealth Management Together". With 25 years experience in the field of Family Business, Joanne along with her peers, gave some insight into effective governance structure for Family offices and the importance of building trust and relationships. While it was stressed that there is no "one size fits all" solutions when it comes to structuring, advising and supporting Family Business and succession planning there are some key building blocks that will help in achieving effective , long term results.

The Event was organised by Clear View Financial Media and supported by Finance Malta, with speakers from key Family offices, such as Aqua, Boston and Financial institutions including NBD. There was an excellent turn out of Wealth and Investment managers, Entrepreneurs and other Professionals working in family offices.