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Aqua Group's Training Academy Report 2016

The Aqua Group Training Academy 2016

"Learning can emerge as a spontaneous order at the edge of chaos".

It has always been our belief that our team is our greatest asset; their ability to learn, and translate that learning into action is what gives us a competitive advantage.

In line with the vision that Aqua subscribes to, which is to consistently be recognised as the best multi-family office offering, we acknowledge that a large part of that is enabling our people and helping each individual to reach their full potential by supporting them in growing their expertise and skill set, which in turn helps us to serve our families better.

In Aqua we strongly encourage learning, formal study and ongoing personal development. Aqua supports that through the "Aqua Training Academy". This support program runs parallel with each persons very full work schedules, personal and family lives so the onus to succeed is the responsibility of the individual. In turn Aqua provides time allowance for study and exams, financial remuneration for course fees when warranted and incentives when goals are achieved and exams are passed successfully.

While the journey to get there is not always easy we are very proud of the team's accomplishments and the professional development that different of the staff have undertaken this year. They have set themselves stretching targets and have exceeded them.

  • Lydia Wilding has achieved her qualifications Trust Law and Management (Foundation Certificate) and her ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering enhancing her significant experience working with key GCC families.
  • Jeremy Le Maistre has passed his ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering enabling him to add support to the compliance function in Aqua;
  • Kirsty Cosgrove has achieved her award in Insurance with CII and is working toward completing her Certificate Level with CII as part of professional qualification;
  • Sarah Mullins has augmented her skills with the Institute of Directors Certificate;
  • Jenny Varrie has started her Law Degree with the Open University and is achieving high grades to date;
  • Jane Thornton has started the Chartered Secretaries qualification and Aimee Shaughnessy has already passed several of the initial examinations;
  • Megan O'Reilly has completed several modules for the Society of Trust Estate Practitioners and is going strong toward her STEP qualification;
  • Laura Pledger is working to finalise her remaining papers to achieve ACCA status;
  • Kyle Bougeard is off to a good start on his AAT Level 2 followed by Elizabeth Garrett who has also started her ICA – Diploma in Compliance to augment her skills in this area.
  • Jo Luce has finally achieved her Open University BSc focussing on Psychology;
  • Meanwhile we continue to support Callum Culf to achieve his degree on Island with a shared study/work internship.