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Press Release — Qatar 2015

AQUA Group has expanded its operation into the State of Qatar by forming a Trust Company platform AQUA GCC LCC. The main objective is to help its existing clients based in the region build confidence and to attract other clients and support the families they serve through effective structuring to improve their return on investment and provide added value.  Aqua's mission statement is to be Transparent, Clear and Distinct.

Jo Luce, Managing Director of Aqua Group feels that the company and strong team and specialised skill set are the perfect platform to benefit families with the company's wealth of knowledge and care for the clients needs. Family businesses remind Jo of all international businesses – with their individual strengths and weaknesses, families who can articulate and define shared goals, and with their guiding values can build a strong platform and foundation for competitive growth; the team at Aqua enjoy being part of this vision. The strength is creating a unique bond that has at the heart of it belonging and enhanced common purpose.

A multi family office offers specialised services and has greater strength to be able to coordinate packages of services such as planning, taking in account the strong tax, legal or risk management strategies and assist the Trusteeship with business management and estate planning. Aqua is skilled at creating finance structuring, protecting copyright and intellectual property and structuring at the family trust level to offer protection.

The Aqua Jersey office is the perfect jurisdiction for estate planning, investment into the UK and bespoke creation of fund platforms. The Malta office is a gateway into Europe and Africa allowing Aqua to structure commercial solutions that add value; including residency solutions.

The Aqua team are extremely proud of putting the client and family first and feel confident in their expansion into Qatar and look forward to developing close ties in the regions.