"Adopt a Family" Initiative

One of the social initiatives that the Aqua team has organised and participated in this year is the "Adopt a Family Project".  With the ever-growing refugee crisis that is being highlighted daily in the news and that many are faced with on a daily basis, Aqua was made aware of some  immigrant and refugee families and their specific needs and wanted to get involved.

This initiative is focused on providing sustainable and long term support of specific families to cover annual costs of basic needs like rent and food as well as to provide educational support and school fees to the children of the refugee families who are eager and determined to excel in their studies in spite of their challenging circumstances.

The idea was put forth to the Aqua Staff and everyone signed up to adopt one of the needy families and connect with them on a personal basis to add encouragement and to personalise the efforts.

Aqua is working with a local registered organisation to ensure that the families receive the food and assistance as quickly as possible and in a way that will benefit them depending on each different situation.

While the 'Adopt a Family' initiative is a small start and the need is very big,Aqua believes in doing what it can to reach out and make a difference to one family at a time.