Corporate Social Responsibility

As a firm, Aqua has always sought to make a difference to those who do not have our advantages. Our people are socially minded and make an effort to connect in the communities that they live and work in, and are empowered to make a real difference to causes they believe in, locally and overseas, both financially and in giving of their time:

(a) we seek, where we travel, to do so in a way that is carbon neutral;

(b) our team supports several initiatives around going green - planting trees and reusing and rehoming stationary and office furniture.

  • Jordan Gautron

    Jordan Gautron

    "I sponsor a family in Lebanon through a charity called ‘Family Care Lebanon’ who provide urgent basic supplies for needy and displaced families in the region. The family I support is a single mother with three children, I help to cover their rent and food expenses and onsite educational support for the children.

    Previously Aqua employees have travelled out to the Middle East to see the families Aqua support under the 'Adopt a Family' project.  This was life changing that so little can mean so much".

    Helen Hooper

    "Since April 2013 I have sponsored a young girl called Katerin from Peru through Compassion, an organisation which supports children living in poverty.  Katerin lives in the mountain village of Puerto Ciruelo with her Mum and Sister in severe poverty. My monthly donations cover her education and school supplies, food, healthcare and basic essentials.  Katerin is now a teenager and through donations and support she is progressing well in both her studies and personal life.  It means so much to know that by donating a little that this means so much".

  • Tim Nelson

    "I sit on the Audit & Risk Committee at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (now known as Jersey Zoo) and I am part of the Residents Committee overseeing the communal areas servicing 56 residential properties."

  • Carley Irwin bw

    Carley Irwin

    "Throughout the year the Aqua team participates in social events that support the causes we are passionate about. We organised the "Wear Yellow" day to raise funds for Hospice care. Many of the team stood outside of the office serving coffee and cake to members of the public to raise funds for the MacMillan Cancer Centre. The results were rewarding and we were able to make a substantial donation for Cancer research and care from the proceeds."
  • Sarah Mullins

    "I enjoy sports and play hockey on the local team. Our kids participate in football and Gym activities with school and I support the school and community by participating in fund raising for the teams, sponsored walks and trips away with the sports clubs whenever possible. The kids get involved in our community by helping to pack bags at the local M&S and help sell raffle tickets at events and made cakes for some of the fun days to sell.

    We are members of Durrell (Jersey Zoo) which is all about animal conservation and is something we love.  Recently Aqua has been approached to support an 'Around the Island' walk and we have agreed to sponsor this".

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