Alex Ward


Alex started his professional life in the early 1990's with Standard Life, in a technical role in Property and Pensions.  In 2000 Alex progressed his career with International Accountancy Firm BDO and expanded his role in Property and Pensions to include advising international clients. Alex became Partner in this area before exiting following the sale of the financial services division in 2019 when he joined the Aqua Team.

"Being from Northern Ireland, and having the opportunity to compete internationally given our recent political history, I believe is a great achievement. I have also had the privilege of meeting the Queen during one of her visits to Belfast in the mid-noughties and that left an impression. I believe my tenacity in both my personal and business life is a great strength and I enjoy getting things over the finish line. I like to reach for the best for our clients and would see myself operating as a Porsche 911, but if you asked my wife she would say I was more of a BMW 5 Series Estate with ‘Sports’ package"