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Before joining Aqua, David worked in a number of jurisdictions around the world, these included Bermuda, Hong Kong, London and Dublin. David has extensive experience in trading, sales, wealth management and general banking. David's primary area of expertise has always been advising families, individuals, charities and companies on utilising their current assets to ensure they meet their future needs. David Joined Aqua in early 2018 and is working to develop the service platform in the UK and Northern Ireland.

When I look back over the years at all that I have accomplished in life or exciting things that have been part of in my career, the thing I am still the most proud of are my children. Seeing them enter adulthood and start their personal journeys brings me joy everyday. At my interview I was asked if I could compare myself to a car, which would it be and why. I chose the UR Audi Quattro because I think that car was ahead of its time in innovation and safety that has started to become a classic super car, desirable and still eminently usable in every day life. I may not be getting any younger but I love serving others, finding innovative solutions to the changing needs of the industry and if it needs to be done I will be there to do it. I decided to start working with the Aqua team because I see it as the perfect opportunity for me to work to my strengths. That is advising clients and providing exceptional levels of service with a great team.