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Aqua's History

Aqua first opened its doors in 2012 as a small independent firm with a handful of clients but a big vision. In 6 short years the Aqua group has evolved to a team of over 28 people with operations in Europe, Channel Islands, UK and Northern Ireland and the Middle East.

Collectively, Aqua people have provided family business services to wealthy families for over 30 years, and in some cases, have worked with several generations of the same family, ensuring their financial expectations are achieved as the family wealth is protected and handed down.

The experience gathered over many decades forms the perfect foundation for Aqua's strong growth and expansion of its:

  • Client Base
  • Team of Experts
  • Service Offerings
  • Technical Expertise
  • Structural Knowledge
  • Project Management Abilities
  • Markets
  • Strategic Alliances

The Aqua Philosophy

We believe that Aqua's organic growth and continued success is dependent on providing excellent, consistent client service and delivering strong internal process to reduce risk.

We believe in conducting our business in an honest and fair way while remaining commercial and adding value wherever we can. We apply a technical and strategic approach to help our clients achieve what is important to them.

Our vision is to be consistently recognised as the best multi-family office offering, this is accomplished largely by supporting our Aqua people in growing their expertise and skill set, which in turn allows them to provide better services to our clients.

The Aqua Team

Aqua has a great team of professionals who care deeply about their clients' needs. Many of our team members are recognised by their peers in the industry and have worked hard to add value to the business.

Aqua Group Business Development and Client Relations Team
Business Development & Client Directors

Our Business Development and Client Directors primary focus in on the Clients' needs and requirements in all the jurisdictions that Aqua operates in. They are readily available to attend face-to-face meetings with clients, structure, strategize, oversee projects, manage assets and provide 'hands on' concierge type services to add value to the Client.

The team also focuses on business development, participates on Panels and speaking engagements to support Aqua's peer in the industry and to stay on the cutting edge of new developments and solutions.

The team is committed to the constant improvement of Aqua's service offerings, seeking to always be Clear, Connected and Capable while adding value across the board.

Aqua Operations and Finance Team
Accounts and Finance

Our Accounts team handle all accounts and bookkeeping aspects of our Clients' business and assist the Client Directors with budget projections and analysis.

Our Group Finances and internal audit function are handled at Board level ensuring that the business is compliant with reporting requirements and that growth is achieved.

Aqua Group Compliance Team

Our Compliance team work across all aspects of the business ensuring that Aqua is in full compliance with all relevant and constantly changing Legislation and Regulations that pertain to the industry, professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal procedures.

Our Compliance team also design and update internal policies and effectively communicate the company's key ethics, principles and compliance regulations which help to mitigate and manage any risk and ensure our Clients receive 'tailor-made' support to meet the requirements set out for their business by each jurisdiction where Aqua operates.

Aqua Corporate Governance Team
Client Managers and Administration

The Client Managers & Administration team's expertise facilitates effective and prudent management of all Aqua's client business and internal reporting functions. The team works directly with Client Directors to draft contracts, agreements and other formal documentation needed to keep all Client entities fit for purpose. The team also supports the Board of Directors with documentation that the appropriate governance structure is in place.

Aqua Secretarial Support Team in Jersey
Secretarial Support and HR

The Secretarial Support and HR teams assist in all departments with both routine office work and specific Client projects. They take care of company filings, document preparation, organising events and travel requirements, Marketing and social media management, as well as focussed project work in collaboration with Client Directors. The team all lend their skill sets across the board and are always ready to jump in to make the business a success.

Aqua's Training Academy

Aqua strongly encourages learning, formal study and ongoing personal development. Aqua supports that through the “Aqua Training Academy”. While the Training Academy remains a way to serve our clients better, it is also a commitment to the personal development of our team members.

The Training Academy runs parallel with each persons full work schedules, personal and family lives so the onus to succeed is the responsibility of the individual. In turn Aqua provides time allowance for study and exams, financial remuneration for course fees when warranted and incentives when goals are achieved and exams are passed successfully.

Given the work and effort required, Aqua are very proud of the team’s accomplishments and the professional development that different members of the team have achieved.

Aqua Academy Library
Our people are our greatest asset; their ability to learn and translate that learning into action is what gives us a competitive advantage

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a firm, Aqua has always sought to make a difference to those who do not have our advantages. Our people are socially minded and make an effort to connect in the communities that they live and work in, and are empowered to make a real difference to causes they believe in, locally and overseas, both financially and in giving of their time

Children and Families

Children and Families

I sponsor a young boy in Guatemala through a charity called "Education for the Children". They run a school and housing facility for orphan, street and impoverished children in Guatemala. I cover his monthly costs which include his food, education, school supplies, healthcare and basic living necessities. He is currently in the 3rd grade and lives in a place called San Felipe with his Mother and siblings in severe poverty.
I enjoyed helping to organise the "Adopt a Family Project", which is an Aqua initiative to support specific families that are refugees of the conflicts in Syria and other neighbouring countries. The Aqua Staff all signed up to adopt one of the needy families and connect with them on a personal basis to add encouragement and personalise their efforts. This initiative is focused on providing sustainable and long term support of specific families to cover costs of basic needs such as rent and food, as well as educational support and school fees to the children of the refugee families who are eager and determined to excel in their studies in spite of their challenging circumstances.

Aqua is working with a local registered organisation to ensure that the families receive the food and assistance as quickly as possible and in a way that will benefit them depending on each situation. While the Adopt a Family Initiative is a small start and the need is very large, Aqua believes in doing what it can to reach out and make a difference to one family at a time.
Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

I sit on the Audit & Risk Committee at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (now known as Jersey Zoo) and I am part of the Residents Committee overseeing the communal areas servicing 56 residential properties
Cancer Centres and Hospice Care

Cancer Centres and
Hospice Care

Through out the year the Aqua team participates in social events that support the causes we are passionate about. We organised the "Wear Yellow" day to raise funds for Hospice care. Many of the team stood outside of the office serving coffee and cake to members of the public to raise funds for the MacMillan Cancer Centre. The results were rewarding and we were able to make a substantial donation for Cancer research and care from the proceeds.
Community Projects

Community Projects

I enjoy sports and play hockey on the local team. Our kids participate in football and Gym activities with school and I support the school and community by participating in fund raising for the teams, sponsored walks and trips away with the sports clubs whenever possible. The kids get involved in our community by helping to pack bags at the local M&S and help sell raffle tickets at a events and made cakes for some of the fun days to sell.

We are members of Durrell (jersey zoo) which is all about animal conservation and is something we love.
At the Aqua office we have a "dress down day" every Friday and the funds collected from the staff goes towards the various charities that we support in the community. I'm a firm believer in "every bit counts" and I think it is a great way to get everyone involved and outward focused on the needs of the others in our communities.