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Leaders in the management, protection and administration of family wealth. Aqua is a symbol of all that is important to our partners. We add value by being Clear, Transparent and Distinct.

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Aqua believes it can only be successful if it provides excellent client service and delivers strong internal process to reduce risk. Aqua has operating capabilities in Jersey, the European Union, through Malta, the UK and the GCC.

Growing the business organically, by not actively marketing but simply providing good, consistent service has proven to be a successful key business objective. Aqua has expanded its offerings with the aim of providing more support and growth ito its client base.

We believe that being able to offer clients and their advisors commercial expertise and relevant experience in a number of jurisdictions adds value to our relationship.

Aqua is licensed to provide its services on this website from Malta, the GCC , UK and the Channel Islands. Find out what’s unique about our Aqua locations where we share what we do.

Managing Family Wealth

The Aqua people have provided family business services to wealthy families for over 30 years. The experts in this field have in some cases worked with several generations of the same family, ensuring their financial expectations are achieved as the family wealth is handed down. This experience gathered over many decades form the perfect foundation for our family office services, which are managed by our specialist team who work closely with clients and generally the internal and external family advisers.

What is a family office?

A Family office is an entity established or engaged by a single family or a group of families to manage all of their financial affairs. The focus of the family office is on managing, building and sustaining wealth for current and future generations. It also plays a major role in risk management by building a diversified portfolio rather than one built on a single holding , it can  ensure that this portfolio is properly managed and likely to be able to provide the funds to meet all the families goals and objectives. Whilst many value a  family office for it's ability to deliver a range of straight forward and complex financial services, its main value is its ability to manage risk.

The Role of The Family Office and Managing Risk

The role of the family office is to unify and consolidate the often complex and varied affairs of the family, some banks and investment houses offer what they call a family office, primarily covering financial services for wealth families. Aqua means something much broader - not just limited to investments but usually bringing in every aspect of a family affairs, from concierge services, private jet and yacht brokerage to trans-jurisdictions, multi generational wealth management. The way Aqua people work is to ensure the office is not intended to be an add- on service but one which sits with the family as a central point of contact, bringing together and overseeing all of the other strands if it can a) drive in Value and b) bring a commercial or confidentiality advantage.  Read more on the role of the family office and managing risk

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